Friday, December 19, 2014

Passed the Security+ exam

As part of my degree program, I had to take a security course that centered around the CompTIA Security+ certification. That was sure interesting... The course was based around the SY0-301 version of the exam, which is set to expire at the end of the year. I was ready early this week to take the exam, but after looking up schedules, I found out that the test center in town that I normally use did not have any openings for the remainder of the year.

After expanding my search, I had found only a single testing center with any open availabilities for the rest of the year. I ended up having to drive down to Fond du Lac, which is close to a 100 mile drive from me. I booked the exam because I was determined to get in before the test expired, and I would be forced to start over in a new version of the course.

Yesterday was the day of the test. I was not too thrilled with the test itself. There were several simulations and lots of multiple choice questions. Some of the questions were just, bad. I don't know how else to describe it. The questions were very vague, and often times I'd be presented with answers that weren't technically correct, but I had to pick the best choice. For example, one question had to do with what wireless encryption standard is the most secure. That's easy, WPA2. Except that wasn't an option. Only WPA was listed, so that was the best option from the choices presented. I struggled with that one because my study materials talked about the differences between WPA and WPA2, and WPA2 is definitely superior.

I ended up passing with a score of 856/900 points. Only 750 points were required to pass, so I did pretty well. And that meant the 100 mile drive was not a waste of time. I'm glad this exam and class are over, what a logistics nightmare at the end...

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