Saturday, November 28, 2015

Finding users who still have the RDP 7.1 client

As an RDS administrator, one of the frequent problems I deal with is the fact that users have difficulty launching an RDS RemoteApp from home. Maybe they receive an error message, maybe single sign-on isn't working to a pooled desktop collection, or possibly a RemoteApp launches, but there is display corruption of some sort.

An extremely common problem I see is that many users with Windows 7 at home have not read our instructions and installed the RDP 8.1 client. Microsoft was able to add some pretty cool functionality and fix a ton of bugs with the RDP 8.1 client - at this point, it's basically a must-have piece of software for RDS administrators. If a user if having an RDS issue and they don't have the RDP 8.1 client, that's the first thing I recommend installing.

The challenge is how to determine when a user is still using the RDP 7.1 client, especially in remote access scenarios where you can't look at their PC or run a report using SCCM. I've found one place in the RDS logs where you can grab this information and I'll be showing a couple of different methods on how to easily search out and grab that info.